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Event News:

At BBWF 2016, Ethernity Networks will show how to open a network to new business with its leading SoC fully programmable solutions. Visit Stand G10


Product News:

The increase of at least 50% performance at the flow processor pipeline is the next goal. The code synthesis passed on the new Xilinx devices


Solution News:

Single Chip Scalable DPU Architecture by Ethernity Networks Tested for 16, 24 and 48 Port Platforms


New White Paper:

Distributed 5G Cloud-RAN architecture described in the document of 5G-PPP


Our Solutions

Ethernity Networks patented technologies include wirespeed pipeline fabric processing architecture that enables handling any data: legacy, TDM, fragments, ATM and Ethernet. ENET SoC series use a single engine to process data units simultaneously from many Ethernet ports, ATM, TDM or fragments, where a fragment can come from EFM bonding, fabric manager, radio interface, MLPPP, ATM and more

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Our Products

Ethernity Networks products include ENET38xx series supporting switching capacity of up to 8Gbps on Spartan 6 FPGA and ENET48xx series with switching capacity of 40Gbps on Kintex 7. A 200Gbps solution is the next step to success!

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