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AT&T Enables 5G Through COTS Deployment at Mobile Edge. The move is part of the company’s transition from traditional proprietary routers to open hardware that can be upgraded more efficiently.


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Ethernity’s low cost FPGA-based telco edge cloud platform will be used as a combined Network Interface Device (NID) and SD-WAN gateway solution by Shenzhen TiCOMM, a a Chinese SD-WAN solution provider.


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Ethernity’s ENET now includes IPSec. Ethernity has integrated a crypto engine into its already rich, advanced Carrier Ethernet (CE) data path and utilized the ENET network processing engine for delivery of a complete IPSec solution.


Our Solutions

Hundreds of thousands of the ENET Flow Processor already deployed by global network operators. It targets not only the pure Carrier Ethernet switch-router market with standard features, such as L2/L3/L4, OAM/CFM, HQoS, and support for multiple tunnels, but is uniquely capable of delivering a differentiated solution for MSAN-DPU, Mobile Backhaul, Wireless Access, and special solutions such as Avionics.
For the virtualized network environments, we have integrated the ENET flow processor onto our FPGA-based SmartNIC solution, offering NFV acceleration to enhance  VNF and networking appliances including vEPC, vCPE, vIoT, vRouter, and vBRAS/vBNG within the Telco cloud.

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Our Products

Our patented, scalable ENET flow processor architecture provides network processing on low-cost FPGAs as an affordable alternative to multicore processors, delivering complete routing-switching and overlay network solutions with deterministic performance and the freedom to design without dependency on ASIC vendors. Our SoC is ideal for the modern Carrier Grade network both in the central cloud and at the edge.
Ethernity’s FPGA SmartNIC offers true programmable hardware with 1G, 10G, 25G, 40G, and 100G Ethernet interfaces, along with deployment of NFV offloading at the pace of software development, delivering improved performance, monitoring, SLA, routing, load balancing, fault management, security capabilities, and Carrier Ethernet functions.