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Ethernity Networks delivers innovative network processor SoC on FPGA/ ASIC, with hundreds of thousands of ENET devices deployed by global T-1/T-2 network operators. The ENET SoC utilizes patented unique single flow based processing engine to process any data unit in variable size offering multi protocol interworking, traffic management, switching, routing and network processing, supporting up to 40Gbps on low cost FPGA that compete in price with off the shelf ASSPs.


Ethernity’s ENET multi service SoC supports Carrier Ethernet Switching and routing combined with integrated search engine, PWE, channel bonding , protocol interworking, CFM/OAM, timing , header compression and hierarchical traffic management all integrated into single low cost FPGA that can compete with any off the shelf components in price and functionality , and offers full programmability, customized interfaces, customized protocol and functionality.



Ethernity Networks FPGA based networking System on a Chip ( SoC) offers future proof product that can scale and support new ,networking needs without a need to design new product and as a results decrease operators CAPEX and OPEX. Furthermore for certain application Ethernity offers customized ASIC , that will enable customer to gain 80% cost reduction compared to other ASIC offering in the market.


Ethernity products include the ENET38xx supporting switching capacity of up to 8Gbps on Spartan 6 FPGA and  ENET48xx with switching capacity of 40Gbps on Kintex 7, and plan to soon release a 200Gbps  solution.


Ethernity main offering includes:



  • Delivers single platform that can be deployed on many products due to its inherent support for any interface , data unit , protocol and media, using the same SW that may eventually decrease dramatically the R&D expense


  • Offers the freedom to design, and enables OEM the ability to come up with any needed networking functions , without dependency on ASIC vendors.


  • Offer further cost reduction through integration of Ethernity SoC network processor IP into customized ASIC , that will enable customer to gain 80% cost reduction compared to other ASIC offering in the market.





Innovative Networking Technologies

Empowering Network Function Virtualization


NFV Acceleration NIC

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Come and visit Ethernity Network at

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       Paris | 17-20 March 2015

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