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Reference Design: ENET48xxRD Carrier Ethernet Switch Reference Design


Carrier Ethernet Switch reference design based on ENET48xx Carrier Ethernet Switch SoC on FPGA to support 40G swtiching capacity based on Xilinx's Kintex 7 FPGA

20 GbE i/f interfaces or 18 GbE and 2 x 10GE interfaces

10 x RJ 45 copper, 8 SFP and two SFP+

Option for final product with box and power supply

On-board DDR3 operates at 800MHz for packet memory, search and paramaters

Motorola MPC8306, Power QUICC-III

CPU environment for control and managment

RS232 and GbE port

for Out-of-band management



Ethernity Networks ENET48xxRD is the Reference design kit for the ENET48xx 40Gbps Carrier Ethernet Switch SoC on FPGA. It supports up to 18GbE ports and 2 10GE SFP+ . The Development Kit minimizes development time by facilitating evaluation, testing, and design of Carrier Ethernet Switch built on the ENET48xx Packet Flow processor and Traffic Manager device therefore minimizing time-to market for our customers.


Block Diagramm






Hardware Features


  • Entire Carrier Ethernet Switch, and traffic manager integrated on 28 nm Kintex 7 FPGA
  • 20GbEs user ports ( 10 fiber, 10 copper)
  • 2 x 10GE SFP+ interfaces

  • On-board DDR3 for packet memory, search and parameters entries
  • Motorola MPC8306, Power QUICC-III environment
  • 32MB (option up to 128MB) SDRAM on the 32-Bit Address and Data bus.
  • 32MB Code Flash and 1MB Boot Flash
  • RS232 and GbE ports for Out-of-band management


Software Features

  • OS independent
  • Linux and Vx works operating system support
  • LSP – Linux Support Package
  • Software download via ftp
  • Efficient Boot Loader provides flexible and fast software updates
  • CLI – Command Line Interface accessible via Serial Port and remote Telnet client
  • API
  • Option for 3rd party metro switch software application

Software support

The software support package of the ENET48xx includes the following functions:


  • OS independent abstraction layer
  • Dedicate Vx Works and Linux support
  • Linux operating system
    • The Linux kernel based on version 2.4 or higher
    • Supports standard Linux utilities via an implementation suitable for embedded systems, such as "Busybox"
    • The Linux distribution supports ftp and telnet server daemons. In addition, an http server daemon is supported.
  • LSP - Linux Support Package
    • The card auto-boots Linux after reset / power up, without requiring any external NFS file system (e.g. by using a RAMDISK file system).
    • The card's boot package enables the default auto-boot procedure to be interrupted (e.g. via CTRL-C at the console), to enable downloading of software via TFTP.
    • The card is mounted on a JFFS2 file system on the local Flash, which can be used for persistent storage of application configuration data.
    • Enables persistent static configuration of IP Address parameters (IP Address, Subnet mask, Default Gateway). These static configurations will be stored in Flash memory, and will be automatically loaded at boot time. In addition, it shall be possible to configure the card to use DHCP to dynamically obtain IP address parameters
    • Software download is supported via ftp.
  • CLI - Command Line Interface accessible via Serial Port and remote Telnet client
  • Debug Utility accessible via Serial Port and remote Telnet client

Reference Design Package


Ethernity's ENET48xx is built for easy evaluation and development of products based on the ENET48xx device. The reference design includes all necessary documentation and collateral information to accelerate product development and minimize time-to-market. Reference design package documentation includes:


  • Hardware architecture
  • Bill of Materials
  • Software manuals
  • Schematics
  • Board Reference Manual
  • Application Notes
  • Data sheets
  • Register document
  • API document




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