ACE-NIC is an open flow enabled software acceleration NIC, operated on top of COTS servers. ACE-NIC accelerates performance by 50 times, dramatically reducing end-to-end latency associated with NFV platforms. Applications include vSwitch offloading (OVS offload), SD-WAN and vCPE, vEPC – full data plane for vSGW and vPGW, vRouter, vBRAS/vBNG, vPE Router, Edge data appliances and vFW, network overlay/underlay offloading, data center gateways (DC-GW), monitoring and SLA.


  • 40 G non-blocking throughput
  • Open Flow enabled
  • Protocol interworking including support for: 3GPP gateway, VXLAN, NVGRE, MPLS-TP, PBB, QTAG, IP and others
  • 1 million entries search filter
  • Per-flow rules, including: header manipulation, filtering, switching, time stamping and programmable header compression
  • Load balancing at VM granularity
  • Integrated packet generator and analyzer to support wirespeed OAM/CFM functions
  • Programmable fragmentation and reassembly
  • Per frame nanoseconds accuracy time stamping
  • Wirespeed NAPT
  • Hierarchical queuing, scheduling and shaping
  • L2/L3/L4 switch


ACE-NIC is equipped with 4 x 10GE ports, software and hardware designed for FPGA SoC based on Ethernity’s ENET flow processor, supporting PCIe Gen3, and an optional Intel 40G Fortiville component.

ACE-NIC incorporates on-board DDR3 connected to the FPGA SoC to support 100 ms buffering and search for million entries. Ethernity’s ENET flow processor SoC platform utilizes patented unique flow based processing engine to process any data unit in variable size, offering multi protocol interworking, traffic management, switching, routing, fragmentation, time stamping and network processing, supporting up to 80 Gbps on 28 nm FPGA, and 200 Gbps on ASIC.

ACE-NIC comes with basic features such as: per frame nanoseconds accuracy time stamping, packet generator, packet analyzer, 100 ms buffering, frame filtering, and load balancing between VMs. To serve multiple cloud appliances, it also has the ability to assign a virtual port per virtual machine.

Equipped with hierarchical switching technology and search engines, ACE-NIC supports VXLAN and NVGRE protocols to optimize and accelerate virtual switching performance. Together with a virtual router and switch maintaining thousands of virtual ports, NAPT and advanced multicast for content distribution, it is optimally designed to accelerate performance of vCPE NFV platforms.

Furthermore, ACE-NIC comes with dedicate acceleration functions for NFV vEPC and include: frame header manipulation and offloading, virtual switch implementation, programmable frame fragmentation, QoS, counters and billing information which can be controlled by Open Flow for the vEPC. With its unique hardware and software design, ACE-NIC accelerates software performance by 50 times.

Detailed Features

Interface Standard:

PCI-Express Base Specification Revision X8 / Gen 3.0 (8GT/s), 4 x 10GE, 40GE

Board Size:

Standard size: 241.3 mm x 111.15 mm (9.5” x 4.376”)

On-board Memory Packet Buffer:

DDR3: 2GByte on HP (packet data), 1.5 GB on HR (search, counter and user application)