ENET 38xx Evaluation Board - RD Kit


ENET-38xx-Evaluation-BoardEthernity Networks ENET38xxRD is the Reference design and
evaluation board  kit for ENET38xx . It comes with on- board 4 x SFPs, single XAUI and two PTMC connectors to accommodate all the interface options of ENET3xxx.

As ENET architecture supports non blocking switching between all port/interfaces, the optional interface for the PTMC connector can be used for network or user side.

ENET38xxRD demonstrates configurable interface options offered by ENET38xx, and can be used by Telecom Equipment Manufactures (TEM) as an edge modular multiservice platform that can accommodate many user interfaces options.

ENET38xx can be used to support 8 GbE user ports and single XAUI ( 4 x SFPs on-board + 4 GbE on one of the PTMC board) together with SPI-3 up link port, that serve for connectivity to EoS mapper and then can be connected to OC-48 SONET mapper.
Furthermore, instead of 4GbE interface located on one of PTMC modules, one can connect 8 E1/T1 CES module, or another OC-12 SONET model with CES functionality, such that the module will be connected to main board through SGMII/RGMII.

And finally the board can be used for a pure Carrier Ethernet switch and traffic manager, equipped with 12 GbE ports (4 on board and additional 8 through the connectors).

  • 8Gbps packet processor and traffic manager integrated on a single low cost FPGA supporting configurable interface options
  • Equipped with on board 4 x SFPs and XAUI interfaces and two PTMC connectors to accommodate connectivity to many interface options
  • Optional PTMC modules are:
    • 4 x GbE ports
    • 2 x OC-12 with Utopia/POS
    • 8 E1/T1
    • 4 x Ch STM-1/OC-3
  • Complete hardware and software solution ready for production
  • On-board DDR2s for packet memory (2), and search parameters (1)
  • Motorola MPC852T, Power QUICC-I environment
  • RS232 and FE port for out-of-band management


Available PTMC Modules

Four GbE PTMC modules, including 4 GbE 10/100/1000 copper
on panel and four RGMII interface towards PTMC connector.

E ight E1/T1, including eight E1/T1 connectors and single Octal LIU
+ Framer connected through PTMC connector with configurable PCM interface.

Four channelized STM-1/OC-3 ports, including four STM-1/OC-3 ports,
connected to PMC’s TEMUX 336, connected to PTMC connector through SBI Bus.

Two STM-4 / OC-12 ATM ports, including two STM-4 / OC-12 ports
together with two SUNI framers connected to PTMC connector through Utopia/POS interface.

Supported documents
  • API/CLI Document
  • Evaluation Board Schematics
  • Application Note
  • Board Manual
  • ATP

[detailed features]

Hardware Elements
  • Single low cost FPGA
  • 4x SFPs on board ports
  • Two PTMC connectors single XAUI on board
  • On-board DDRs for packet memory, search and parameters entries
  • Motorola MPC852T Power QUICC-I environment
  • 32MB (option up to 128MB) SDRAM on the 32-Bit address and data bus
  • 32MB Code Flash and 1MB Boot Flash
  • RS232 and FE ports for out-of-band management
Software support
  • OS independent
  • Linux and Vx works operating system support
  • LSP – Linux Support Package Software download via ftp
  • Efficient Boot Loader provides flexible and fast software updates
  • CLI – Command Line Interface accessible via serial port and remote Telnet client
  • Full API support
  • SW adaptor to upper layer carrier Ethernet application on control stack
Reference Design Package

Ethernity’s ENET38xx is built for easy evaluation and product development with ENET38xx device. The reference design kit includes all necessary documentation and collateral information to accelerate product development and minimize time-to-market.

Reference design package documentation includes:

  • Hardware Architecture
  • Bill of Materials
  • Software Manuals
  • Schematics
  • Board Reference Manual
  • Application Notes
  • Data Sheets
  • CLI Document
  • API Document