White Papers

Vision of Software Networks and 5G – the White Paper contains an overview of  EU research projects combining SDN and NFV technologies. The contributing projects have been: 5GEx, 5G-Crosshaul, 5G-Xhaul, CHARISMA, COHERENT, ENSURE, SELFNET, SESAME, SONATA, SUPERFLUIDITY, VIRTUWIND. Ethernity Networks is an active participant of CHARISMA.


This White Paper explains an active remote node (ARN) at an intermediate location between the central office and end-user premises. ARN represents the key architectural design innovation of the SODALES (Software-Defined Access using Low-Energy Subsystems) network.
Software-defined wired-wireless access network convergence: the SODALES approach


Ethernity Networks participates in CHARISMA project devoted to 5G networking. The distributed 5G Cloud-RAN architecture is described in the following White Paper:
Converged Heterogeneous Advanced 5G Cloud-RAN Architecture for Intelligent and Secure Media Access