Broadband Access

Building Scalable, High-speed Cost-efficient Broadband Access Solutions

Delivering any service over any media is a complicated task. Each media requires a different type of networking component to handle specific protocols and throughput. Allocating dedicated engineering resources for each media type including ADSL, VDSL, fiber, PON, wireless, transport and mobile backhaul results in huge associated expenses. Access equipment nowadays must support significantly more bandwidth for non-blocking IPTV, additional protocol handling, traffic management to deliver high QoS, OAM/CFM, Synchronous Ethernet and content distribution. Even more stringent multicast performance is necessary for support of modern IPTV requirements and future Internet, video and applications including gaming, video and voice conferencing.
Another major challenge is endlessly evolving market needs for support of new applications and protocols.  The answer could be a platform that supports new requirements and interfaces without implementing a special new silicon, and controls the release of NGANs versions. Such a platform would allow the equipment vendor to differentiate solutions and respond to evolving market needs using Field Programmable Device.

Delivering high throughput is the third challenge. For the emerging technology, the required throughput is 1 Gbps over copper lines. A Distribution Point Unit (DPU) solution for Fiber-To-The-Distribution-Point (FTTdp) must support at minimum 5Gbps for 2.5GbE fiber drop network or 20Gbps for 10GE fiber drop. In the same time, the power consumption of DPU must be low enough to allow reverse power feed for the remote device from the customer’s residential gateway.

Furthermore, Broadband Access Nodes delivering Next Generation PON (xG-PON) will soon need 100G network interfaces for broadband access platforms.

Combining Ethernity Networks efficient ENET architecture with FPGA creates a family of products tailored to the needs of telecom aggregation and interworking platforms. Ethernity’s ENET Access Flow Processors have the best available combination of performance, feature set, flexibility and price.