G.fast Access

For the emerging G.fast technology the required throughput is 1 Gbps over copper lines. A Distribution Point Unit (DPU) solution for Fiber-To-The-Distribution-Point (FTTdp) must support at minimum 5Gbps for 2.5GE fiber drop network or 20Gbps for 10GE fiber drop. In the same time, power consumption of DPU must be low enough to allow reverse power feed for a remote device from the customer’s residential gateway. For G.fast FTTdp deployments, Ethenrity Networks provides ENET38xxZ/99 family of fabric flow processors (FFP). The following products leverage scalability and versatility of Ethernity’s ENET platform:

  • ENET3850Z/99 – 5Gbps low-cost and low power G.fast network controller. It is based on Xilinx Zynq 7015 and provides 2.5GE uplink connection to the network, to the service provider’s Central Office (upstream) and 2 x 2.5G downlink to subscribers’ G.fast modems (downstream)

Single Chip G.fast DPU Architecture (16 Ports)

  • ENET3860Z/99 – 20Gbps G.fast solution with 10GE network interface, based on Xilinx Zynq 7030, provides 10GE uplink to the network and 3 x 2.5G downlink to G.fast modems

Single Chip G.fast DPU Architecture (24 Ports)

  • ENET4840Z/99 – 40Gbps G. fast solution supporting 48 x G.fast modems, based on Xilinx Zynq 7045. Provides 2 x 10GE connections to the network and 3 x 10GE G.999.1 i/f towards G.fast modems.

Single Chip G.fast DPU Architecture (48 Ports)