Software-Designed Wide Area Network

The enterprise WAN has transitioned from dedicated TDM circuits with Frame Relay and ATM to Packet-over-SONET and MPLS, and now to Ethernet Access services. However, WAN bandwidth is still expensive, and provisioning WAN services can take too long. In addition, WANs have challenges related to backup link utilization, security of remote sites, traffic engineering, Quality of Service (QoS), touchless provisioning, and traffic visibility. These issues, as well as business drivers, cause companies to re-evaluate their WAN design and deployment and look for improvement.

Software-Defined WANs (SD-WANs) have many compelling advantages:

  • Transport media independence: works over any media and carrier
  • Security: IPSec tunneling
  • Intelligent path and SLA control: data brokerage mechanisms control per carrier the data load and dynamically allocate flows from one to another
  • Auto-provisioning and management: SDN based controlSDWAN

Ethernity Networks offers ENET4200  flow processor featuring the following special functionality:

  • Policing, metering, OAM to support SLA
  • OF 1.3.1 based on Hierarchical ACL
  • IPSec and VxLAN
  • IP fragmentation
  • FRR (Fast Re-route)
  • Intelligent multipath forwarding over any network service with dynamic resource measurement