Virtual Evolved Packet Core

Virtual Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) is a mobile network system that accommodates xGPP access. It is based on virtualized platforms and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) technologies, and targeted to optimize mobile operators’ TCO and service quality.

vEPC virtual network solution provides all the functions of EPC as virtual network functions (VNFs); vMME (Mobility Management Entity) and vS/P-GW (Serving and PDN gateway), vHSS (Home Subscriber Server) and vPCRF (Policy Control and Charging Rules Function). VS/P-GW that can integrate vSGSN (Serving GPRS Support Node) and vGGSN (Gateway GPRS Support Node) functionalities can be deployed as totally separated vS-GW and vP-GW or integrated vS/P-GW with collapsed interface.

Most of these functions require data forwarding with some packet editing, including GTP processing, switching between tenth of thousands of UEs (UE-PDN IDs), flooding domains support per UEs, performance monitoring, and TFT (Traffic Flow Templates) per packet. All processing must introduce low latency.

Ethernity’s advanced NIC technology enables full data path offload for vEPC functions, with all the above mentioned requirements, making available CPU applications/VFs to be focused on monitoring, management and orchestration, and also reducing latency of processing and supporting real time performance monitoring.