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Watch ENET vRouter demo video:

This demo shows the ENET vRouter’s unique ability to produce deterministic, low-latency, low-jitter performance no matter the traffic load, while simultaneously dramatically reducing server CPU utilization


New Programmable ENET VPN Gateway:

The solution fully offloads security functions from the CPU to the FPGA and uses Host Bypass to provide a more robust security than competitive solutions at a lower solution cost.


Read on SDxCentral:

Ethernity ENET vRouter aimed at a programmable network bottleneck, says Carl Weinschenk. And Heavy Reading analyst-at-large Simon Stanley sees the logic behind the new platform!


Innovative Software-Defined Networking and Security Solutions

Ported onto any FPGA, Ethernity’s software offers complete data layer processing with a rich set of networking features, robust security, and a wide range of virtual functions to optimize and accelerate your telco/cloud network. Our SmartNICs, SoCs, and network appliances offer best-in-class all-programmable platforms for the telecom, cloud service provider, and enterprise markets. We offer our customers complete solutions that quickly adapt to their changing needs, improving time-to-market and facilitating the deployment of edge computing, 5G, IoT, and NFV.

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Our Products

Our patented, scalable ENET flow processor architecture provides network processing on low-cost FPGAs as an affordable alternative to multicore processors, delivering complete routing-switching and overlay network solutions with deterministic performance and the freedom to design without dependency on ASIC vendors. Our SoC is ideal for the modern Carrier Grade network both in the central cloud and at the edge.
Ethernity’s FPGA SmartNIC offers true programmable hardware with 1G, 10G, 25G, 40G, and 100G Ethernet interfaces, along with deployment of NFV offloading at the pace of software development, delivering improved performance, monitoring, SLA, routing, load balancing, fault management, security capabilities, and Carrier Ethernet functions.

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