Ethernity Accelerates Telco and Cloud Networking

Ethernity Networks uses standard DPDK APIs to completely offload the networking and security data plane to FPGAs, accelerating NFVi, improving performance and efficiency, and dramatically reducing CPU utilization and costs.

Network virtualization and cloud expansion toward the network edge have increased the usage of compute resources in both telco and cloud networks. However, CPUs, which are better suited to handle control functions, are not optimal for handling large volumes of traffic, so CPU cores are often burned on networking tasks. Moreover, CPUs consume a lot of power and space, and they introduce high latency and jitter. This issue is even more pronounced at the network edge, where space and power are especially limited resources.

Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), however, are optimized hardware for networking. By offloading the data plane to FPGA, CPU cores are freed up for compute functions and user apps, enabling our customers to stop burning CPU cores on networking and security, and accelerating NFVi. FPGAs have the added benefit of full programmability, adding flexibility to the network and futureproofing the deployment.

Ethernity’s FPGA solutions incorporate hardware offload, FPGA firmware, comprehensive application software, and a rich set of networking and security acceleration features that are ideally suited for telcos, enterprises, and cloud providers.

Ethernity differentiates itself by offering a rich set of networking features that ensure carrier-grade deterministic performance, especially low latency and jitter.

Ethernity’s patented technology also reduces required programmable logic by up to 80%, enabling the use of smaller FPGAs, for more affordable acceleration solutions.

Only Ethernity combines rich expertise in Carrier-grade networking solutions for communications service providers with expertise in FPGA software to reliably accelerate NFVi.