Ethernity Accelerates Telco and Cloud Networking

The telecom industry is undergoing a major transformation, by adding programmability throughout its resources. Communications service providers are rapidly virtualizing their networks with SDN/NFV to increase network efficiency and introduce new services, and cloud providers are deploying compute resources to the network edge to satisfy their end users, who expect new services and a better experience. But it’s not enough… not without networking acceleration with FPGA.

While virtualization is essential for the network edge to live up to its promises of benefits for both providers and their customers, it carries some challenges of its own. Pure software solutions are problematic in terms of performance (especially latency and jitter) and economics of scale when there is huge growth in users and data consumption. CPUs, which are designed to handle control functions much more so than networking, are quickly overloaded by data plane functions, and issues therefore arise with service delivery, rising costs, and power consumption.

Ethernity Networks reduces CPU load by offloading the networking data plane to a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), a piece of programmable hardware that is optimal for handling networking functions. Ethernity’s FPGA solutions incorporate hardware offload, FPGA firmware, comprehensive application software, and a rich set of networking and security acceleration features that are ideally suited for telcos, enterprises, and cloud providers.

Ethernity differentiates itself by offering a rich set of networking features that ensure Carrier-grade deterministic quality of service at the network edge, including full Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) compliance, hierarchical Quality of Service (H-QoS) and policer, OAM and BFD support, and classification of millions of flows and multiple tuples ACL.

By incorporating both hardware-based acceleration and software-defined networking into FPGAs, Ethernity reduces CPU load while maintaining the exact same programmability and flexibility of pure software solutions. This improves network efficiency, security, and affordability.

Ethernity’s patented technology also reduces required logic by up to 80%, enabling the use of smaller, more affordable FPGAs. This overcomes some of the biggest challenges of edge deployments – power and space constraints.

Only Ethernity combines expertise in carrier-grade networking solutions for communications service providers with expertise in FPGA software to accelerate the telco/cloud network.