Comprehensive Networking and Security Solutions on FPGA

Ethernity Networks offers FPGA networking solutions that include a software-based control stack, an FPGA-based data plane, and FPGA firmware with a complete set of advanced networking features. Ethernity’s wide range of FPGA-based network appliances include our ENET vRouter, with scalable capacity for both small and large sites, such as Cell Site Router, cloud gateway, and enterprise facilities; vEPC for mobile LTE and 5G deployments; vBNG/vBRAS for next-generation broadband services; and ENET VPN Gateway, with enhanced security for telco/cloud and IoT.

Traditional ASIC-based networking appliances are proprietary, inflexible, and expensive to maintain. There is therefore a growing reliance on software-based networking solutions, which offer agility and automated provisioning. However, software-only solutions cannot meet the performance requirements of service providers, and such solutions use multiple servers for multiple networking functions, taking up valuable space and power. Thus, hardware acceleration is needed to bridge the performance and cost-efficiency gaps.

By offering a fully programmable FPGA networking solutions, Ethernity can provide carrier-grade deterministic performance, scalability (20G, 40G, and 100G SmartNICs, as well as multiple-SmartNIC solutions for higher capacities), and futureproof deployments.

Moreover, our field-proven patented technology enables the use of smaller FPGAs, offering an extremely cost-efficient FPGA networking solution.

Our FPGA-based network appliances reduce time-to-market for equipment manufacturers and system integrators, with various ordering options, all based on the combination of our FPGA-based data plane and control software. These include:

  • SmartNICs (and corresponding software) for any COTS server
  • Turnkey network appliances, already packaged in a server for easy deployment
  • A modular Universal Edge Platform with high capacity and low power and space, which is ideal for network edge infrastructure, and that offers virtually unlimited flexibility in protocol and port configurations