Company Overview

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About Us

Ethernity Networks is a technology solutions provider that develops and delivers data processing technology used in high-end Carrier Ethernet applications across the telecom, mobile, security and data centre markets. The Company’s core technology, which is populated on programmable logic, enables data offloading at the pace of software development, improves performance and reduces power consumption and latency, therefore facilitating the deployment of virtualization of networking functionality.

The Company is headquartered in Israel.

The Market

Operators and telecom equipment manufacturers are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the evolving network requirements and the ever-growing volume of data generated, processed, consumed and stored by end users of all types. Operators and telecom equipment manufacturers need to get the required support for these networking pressures from traditional vendors who rely on ASIC solutions. New ASIC solutions are often prohibitively expensive, have a relatively short lifespan and require extended hardware design time to fabricate the specified networking features.

This issue is exacerbated by the need to support the emerging Software Defined Network (SDN) specifications, which require flexibility and most importantly programmability. To overcome limitations of existing infrastructure, operators are pushing towards Virtualization of Network Functions (NFV), a concept that will enable providers to control, manage and reduce boundaries created in the existing generic hardware platforms with software solutions replacing proprietary hardware networking solutions. However, to make it economical and to give operators the ability to support the huge growth in users and data consumption, there is a need for programmable hardware to accelerate the performance of a pure software data path. This acceleration solution, in turn, reduces CPU load whilst still maintaining the exact same programmability and flexibility and supporting the vision of Network Virtualization.

In response to the forecast increases in data creation, transfer and consumption, operators and manufacturers are developing the Carrier Ethernet and NFV/SDN markets. Both are markets in which the Company has developed solutions to assist operators to improve network efficiency and data transfer.

The SDN market is estimated to reach US$70.41 billion by 2024, according to Grand View Research, Inc. Software Defined Networking has witnessed a surge in its popularity in the recent years due to the benefits it offers over the existing legacy infrastructure. The SDN solutions provide centralised control and operational capabilities, which help network administrators and engineers respond quickly and efficiently.

The global NFV market (including hardware and software) will be worth US$15 billion by 2020, with software comprising 80 per cent of that $15 billion, according to IHS Markit.