Ethernity Networks Introduces Affordable Programmable VPN Gateway


Ethernity Networks (AIM: ENET.L) introduced its open-source enabled ENET VPN Gateway that fully offloads security functions from CPU to FPGA. The Host Bypass feature provides a more robust security than competitive solutions at a lower solution cost.

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Ethernity Networks Releases Affordable, All-Programmable 100G ENET vRouter


Ethernity Networks (AIM: ENET.L) introduced its ENET vRouter – complete carrier-grade router appliance with FPGA-based ACE-NIC100 SmartNIC with comprehensive embedded vRouter software, utilizing COTS servers.

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Ethernity Successfully Completes Delivery of Its ACE-NIC100 for Major Korean OEM


Ethernity Networks (AIM: ENET.L) has has successfully completed delivery of its 100Gbps ACE-NIC100 FPGA SmartNIC to a major Korean OEM. The ACE-NIC100 cards will be incorporated into edge-optimised COTS servers with fewer CPU cores compared to regular data centre servers, resulting in significant power and cost reduction.

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Ethernity Networks Signs Contract with Tier 1 North American Defense Contractor


Ethernity Networks (AIM: ENET.L) has signed a contract to supply a tier 1 North American aviation and defense OEM with its ENET Switch/Router firmware and software. Ethernity will provide 120Gbps Switch/Router FPGA firmware to power avionics platform.

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Ethernity Networks’ ENET Flow Processor Firmware Integrated on North American Tier 1 Vendor’s FPGA-Based Fibre-To-The-Home OLT Platform


Ethernity Networks (AIM: ENET.L) to supply its ENET Switch and Traffic Manager firmware for a North American tier 1 telecommunications OEM. Ethernity has completed the integration of its firmware on the equipment manufacturer’s existing FTTH optical networking platform for advanced broadband services with 4K video.

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Ethernity Networks Introduces Market’s First All-Programmable 10G DPU Flow Processor SoC with Integrated XGS-PON


Ethernity Networks (AIM: ENET.L) announced the introduction of the ENET 4820ZXP/99 distribution point unit (DPU) flow processor, the latest addition to its FPGA-based System-on-Chip (SoC) family for the broadband market. The flexible new flow processor is unique in offering a 10G G.999.1 interface and integrated XGS-PON ONU MAC on a single low-cost FPGA SoC

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Ethernity Networks Releases the 100G ACE-NIC100 FPGA-based Smart NIC


Ethernity Networks Releases the 100G ACE-NIC100 FPGA-based Smart NIC, offering comprehensive data and security processing offload on programmable FPGA, accelerating telco edge and data center applications

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Ethernity Networks and Advantech Collaborate on Accelerated vBRAS Platform


Ethernity Networks and Advantech announced today that they have successfully integrated an effective virtual Broadband Remote Access Server (vBRAS) platform that offers outstanding performance at the network edge, maximizing throughput without impacting CPU efficiency.

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Ethernity Networks to Offer Complete Networking Solutions with Aricent’s Software Suite


Ethernity Networks announces that it will now provide comprehensive networking solutions by adding Aricent’s Carrier Ethernet Switch Router (CESR) software suite to Ethernity’s portfolio of FPGA-based ACE-NICs and systems-on-chip (SoCs)

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Ethernity Displays Carrier Ethernet Aggregation Switch Router on COTS Servers with Multiple FPGA SmartNICs Architecture at MWC2018


Ethernity demonstrates at MWC2018 a scalable Carrier Ethernet aggregation Switch Router platform on a COTS server that utilizes OVS DPDK as a fabric between multiple ENET FPGA SmartNICs hosting multiple 10GE ports.

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