Ethernity Networks Enables Service Providers with Fully Programmable Acceleration Platform for vCPE

ENET vCPE NF Acceleration Supports Open Access for New Connected Home and IoT Services

October 19, 2016, BBWF-2016, Stand G10, London, UK – Ethernity Networks, the innovative provider of Networking System-on-Chip Flow Processors, introduces ENET vCPE NF Acceleration Platform to boost performance of virtual residential gateways and open residential environment for new services provided from the network. The platform utilizes data path acceleration performed by Ethernity’s ACE-NIC programmable smart network adapter that improves performance of NFV infrastructure by 100 times while significantly reducing CPU and power requirements. Ethernity Networks presents a live demo of vCPE with ENET NF Acceleration at Broadband World Forum 2016, Stand G10.

“While Virtual CPE concept meets slow adoption at the market due to economical constrains, acceleration of VNFs reduces limitations related to amount of computing recourses – explains David Levi, CEO of Ethernity Networks. – Programmable data path acceleration with NF offload to ENET Acceleration Platform makes deployment of vCPE economically reasonable. Moreover, ENET Acceleration speeds up open access for new services such as home media distribution, home automation and Internet of Things.”

ENET vCPE NF Acceleration gives service providers that seek to differentiate services the opportunity for fast design and introduction of innovative and personalized services with granular service control for specific types of smart devices.

ENET vCPE NF Acceleration reduces the amount of virtual machines and CPUs, while maintaining the same programmability and flexibility that offers a single virtual machine per physical CPE.

Service providers by using ENET vCPE NF Acceleration save operational costs of new customers’ subscription, expenses related to operating and managing residential CPEs, and costs of access point devices such as L2 bridges that have a lower risk of failure and require less field replacements. The solution can be easily integrated with any management and orchestration system, and more NFs can be added either through OpenStack environment, or Open Flow, or directly by managing NIC functions.

vCPE NFs accelerated by Ethernity’s ACE-NIC include 40Gbs routing and switching offload, service and performance monitoring counters; 16K virtual ports with QoS and rate limiting; application classification to allow content aware metering; L3/L2 multicast and multicast to unicast conversion to allow home device freedom and to utilize CDN resources. Important NFs like TCP sessions rewrite, DHCP relay and NAT, NAPT& firewall provide secure networking. Finally, IP Fragmentation helps to deliver new services through legacy CPEs.