Ethernity Networks features various series of FPGA-based ENET flow processors, with and without CPUs, to meet your network’s specific port speed and throughput needs. This ranges from the 5Gbps ENET3850 series to the 100Gbps ENET5100 series, with customized interface options including 1G, 2.5G, 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G, 100G, various Interlaken options, and 1G-10G Channelized Eth (G.999.1) options

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Ethernity’s FPGA SmartNICs offer an affordable alternative to multi-core processors for complete CESR, by employing the ENET programmable hardware with various network interfaces, including 1/10/25/40/100G, to be integrated as an NFV acceleration platform. This provides acceleration for essential network virtualisation functions by offloading data path functions, including classification and filtering of millions of flows, monitoring, load balancing, fault management, data manipulation such as fragmentation, header compression, aggregation, traffic management, and security capabilities, all at a fraction of the CPU overhead.

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Network Appliances

Ethernity offers ready-to-use network appliances that incorporate Ethernity’s FPGA-based ACE-NIC SmartNICs and FPGA firmware, industry-leading networking software applications, and flexible interface options within a white box for turnkey deployment of various networking solutions. This provides accelerated, optimized Virtualized Network Functions on top of programmable hardware in a white box (or COTS server) to address today’s most pressing networking challenges affordably while shortening time-to-market.

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