Network Appliances

Ethernity offers ready-to-use network appliances that incorporate Ethernity’s FPGA-based ACE-NIC SmartNICs and FPGA firmware, ENET Software Suite, and flexible interface options within a white box for turnkey deployment of various networking solutions. This provides accelerated, optimized Virtualized Network Functions on top of programmable hardware in a white box (or COTS server) to address today’s most pressing networking challenges affordably while shortening time-to-market.


Product Description
ENET Universal Edge Platform Modular programmable network appliance for Telco/Cloud network edge applications
ENET VPN Gateway Incorporates inline FPGA based encrypto engine with integrated open source LibreSwan software and Host Bypass technology in a single appliance to enhance and accelerate network security functionality
ENET vRouter Pluggable ACE-NIC100 SmartNIC with Ethernity vRouter software, for installation in third-party COTS servers or ready-to-use turnkey appliance that includes a server with the vRouter software and ACE-NIC100 SmartNIC installed


ENET Software Suite

The ENET Software Suite is a comprehensive, feature-rich software framework that is flexible enough to support any application. It includes software protocol applications for Carrier Ethernet, IP, and MPLS, including security, system configuration, chassis management, and other value-added application. The suite also incorporates committed Ethernity support.

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