Ethernity’s ACE-Router delivers complete Carrier Ethernet networking and NID functionality on FPGA with VNF performance acceleration for Telco demarcation solutions. This product provides a future-proof platform to support growing acceleration requirements and ever-changing networking needs at the speed of software development.

The ACE-Router offers great flexibility in that it can be ordered in one of two designs to meet your specific requirements:

  • The product can be supplied as a grey box (ENB1010ZD) to serve as a platform for SD-WAN or vCPE, with 2 x 10GbE and 8 x 1GbE ports and a PCI interface to be used as a server extender for applications that require added computational capacity. This supports the strict low-cost requirements of Telco access and edge networks, while offering significant computational power and data path offloads performed on Ethernity’s FPGA.
  • The main board of the ACE-Router platform can serve as a low-cost 2 x 10GbE half/half-sized SmartNIC (ENA1010ZD) that can be plugged into any COTS server, providing traditional NID functionality with the advantage of hardware offload to the embedded FPGA, thereby freeing CPU resources.


  • Flow-based processor, supporting OF/SDN concept
  • L2/3/4 flow classification, hierarchical ACL
  • Search engine up to 256K entries
  • Switch, router, MPLS and load balancing functions
  • Five-level packet header & payload manipulation and marking: MPLS, IP, QinQ (PB)
  • LAG (L2, L3, L4 distribution)
  • Wire speed NAT/NATPT
  • Header compression and fragmentation
  • Hierarchical traffic management
  • Hierarchical ACL, and mask configuration per field
  • Support of jumbo frames up to 9KB
  • Hierarchical MEF10 metering, on port, service, or flow level
  • 256 virtual port, each with 8 priority queues
  • Packet classification based on first 196 bytes in packet (can be extended)
  • Up to 2K queues
  • Support for four ME levels in compliance with TR-101 and TR-156
  • Rate limitation and storm control
  • Integrated packet generator and analyser to support OAM and BFD
  • VxLAN, NVGRE overlay networks, PPPoE, L2TP
  • IPSec Tunnel, with VxLAN or NVGRE overlay, available as an additional feature upon request
  • Configurable per flow functional actions:
    -Packet editing
    -QoS remarking


Download ACE-Router Product Brief

  • 2 x 10G SFP+ (1 + 1) and 8 x 1G
  • PCIe extender to connect PCIe slot in server (PCIe Gen2.0)
  • UART (in the grey box version)