ENET Universal Edge Platform


The ENET Universal Edge Platform (UEP) is the ideal programmable network appliance for Telco/Cloud network edge applications, offering high networking and security performance with modularity to support virtually unlimited flexibility in protocol and port configurations.

The need to reduce power and physical space is a far more critical requirement at the network edge than in a typical data center, as edge sites were not designed to host endless racks of servers, instead offering very limited physical space and a fixed power envelope.

Today, the number of users accessing network services is growing, and each subscriber may have multiple devices using apps that require high bandwidth and low latency. Moreover, with the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), there can be tens of thousands of sensors sending and receiving data at any given moment, placing great strain on the network in terms of both performance and power demands.

The ENET UEP network appliance addresses this requirement by offering an edge-optimized, low-space/ low-power FPGA-based programmable device with up to 40Gbps of networking capacity and 10 Gbps of IPSec security. The UEP’s unique modularity enables the appliance to be easy adapted for multiple edge use cases, such as a network interface device (NID), distribution point unit (DPU) and multi-dwelling unit (MDU), and 5G cell site router (CSR).

The ENET UEP is ideal as a standalone high-end Network Interface Device that offers rich routing and IPSec security functionalities. It also contains an interchangeable mezzanine card that enables the appliance to be designed for XGS-PON connectivity for placement at cellular base stations, to support G.fast for DPU and MDU deployment, or to support IoT aggregation elements, for example, a radio modem for the IoT sensor network.

The main board of the ENET UEP comes with two SFP+ interfaces that can be equipped with 10GbE or XGS-PON transceivers, and an FPGA equipped with Ethernity’s ENET Flow Processor, implementing a complete Carrier Ethernet switch, hierarchical QoS, router, IPSec, and optional XGS-PON MAC.

The default ENET UEP offers 8 x 1Gb RJ45 ports in the mezzanine card, but can be designed to support G.fast, enterprise Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions, or additional connectivity via GbE/10GbE interfaces. The ENET UEP also comes with a unique PCIe connection to any standard server, enabling it to be used for NFVI acceleration.

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High-End NID


Mobile Backhaul with XGS-PON



The ENET UEP comes with a PCIe connection to any standard server, enabling the network appliance to handle x86 functionality and NFV applications by offloading them to the built-in FPGA.