Ethernity’s ACE-NIC40 is an OpenFlow-enabled software acceleration NIC, operated on top of COTS servers. ACE-NIC40 accelerates performance by 50 times, dramatically reducing end-to-end latency associated with NFV platforms.

Some of the applications that can benefit from ACE-NIC include vSwitch offloading (OVS offload), SD-WAN and vCPE, vEPC (full data plane for vSGW and vPGW), vRouter, vBRAS/vBNG, vPE Router, Edge data appliances and vFW, network overlay/underlay offloading, data center gateways (DC-GW), monitoring, and SLA.

Ethernity offers the ENA1040F and ENA1044F versions of the ACE-NIC40, with ENA1044F providing full OVS data path offload.


  • 40G non-blocking throughput
  • OpenFlow-enabled
  • Protocol interworking, including support for 3GPP gateway, VxLAN, NVGRE, PB, QinQ, IP and others
  • 256K entries search filter
  • Per-flow rules, including header manipulation, filtering, switching, time stamping and programmable header compression
  • Load balancing at VM granularity
  • Integrated packet generator and analyser to support wire speed OAM/CFM functions
  • Programmable fragmentation and reassembly
  • Per-frame nanosecond accuracy time stamping
  • Wire speed NAPT
  • Hierarchical queuing, scheduling and shaping
  • L2/L3/L4 switch
  • Optional IPSec Tunnel available per project


Download ACE-NIC40 Product Brief

PCI-Express Base Specification Rev. 3.0 X8 (8GT/s)
4 x 10GbE
Board size Standard height: 241.3 x 111.15mm (9.5” x 4.376”)
Controller Intel XL710AM1
FPGA Xilinx XC7K410
On-board memory packet buffer DDR3: 2GB on HP (packet data), 1.5 GB on HR (search, counter, and user application)
OS CentOS/Ubuntu /Fedora