Ethernity’s FPGA SmartNICs offer ENET programmable hardware with up to 2 x 100G Ethernet, along with acceleration for essential network virtualization functions, to deliver improved performance, monitoring, load balancing, fault management, and security capabilities at a fraction of the CPU overhead.

With two generations of ACE-NICs to suit your specific port speed and throughput requirements, Ethernity has a solution for the most challenging of networking deployments.

Ethernity also offers a SmartNIC white box solution that can serve as either a standalone network interface device for Telco aggregation platforms or that can be connected to a server to enable even greater compute capability.


SmartNICs Ports Throughput CPU OVS Offload Applications
 ACE-NIC40 4x10G 17MPPS ______ Full Data Path Offload Available vEPC, vCPE, vBRAS, vALG, vMonitor
ACE-NIC100 2x40G (1+1) or 2x10G/ 2x25G or 1x100G/ 4x25G  25MPPS
 ______ Full Data Path Offload Available vEPC, vCPE, vBRAS, vLAG, vMonitor, OVS Data Path Offload, DPDK Offload