The Ethernity Flow Processor is the basic element of ENET technology, which has been deployed in network infrastructures such as broadband, Carrier Ethernet access, mobile base stations, and backhaul. It enables the most well-developed telecom and enterprise market features for Ethernet connectivity, including complete Carrier-Ethernet Switch-Router compliance solutions, L2/3/4 classification and filtering, and multiple tunneling options, including VxLAN, MPLS, GRE, NVGRE, PBB, and more. By delivering a patented programmable pipeline of technical innovations with a diverse set of product lines, Ethernity is powering the NFV/SDN network.

Ethernity features various series of FPGA-based ENET SoCs to meet your networking needs. Whether combined with powerful CPUs for both agility and performance, or whether without a CPU to optimize traffic management for a variety of telecom solutions, Ethernity’s patented architecture is ideal for your new product development needs.

Ethernity offers an optimized ENET flow processor series to control switch-routing, a specific ENET flow processor series for DPU and Micro-MSAN applications, and an ideal ENET co-processor series for security, OAM, and other network appliances.

An evaluation board
is available to facilitate development, testing, and design based on ENET packet flow processors, minimizing development time and reducing time-to-market.

ENET Flow Processors

Switch-Router DPU Micro-MSAN Co-Processors Evaluation Board
ENET3850Z ENET3850Z/99 ENET4845Z/99 ENET4205ZSec ENET4845Z EVB
ENET4200Z ENET4200Z/99 ENET4810ZSec
ENET5100Z ENET4840Z/99