Any Last Mile solution requires convergence, and close attention to reducing power consumption. With Ethernity’s ENET3850z/99ENET4200z/99, ENET48xxz/99 and ENET4820ZXP/99 flow processors, telecom equipment manufacturers (OEM/ODM) an all programmable DPU networking solution that enables applications with capabilities previously available only in ASIC solutions.

Low cost and low power FPGAs enable reverse power feeding solutions, while the patented reference design simplifies new development and reduces time-to-market. Using our scalable platform, it is possible to implement a very cost-efficient solution with up to 256 modems connected through G999.1 technology to Ethernity’s ENET4845z/99.

DPU FP Model   SerDes
Throughput@256B Applications G.999.1
ENET3850Z/99 4 x 1/2.5G 6G  RPF 16 port DPU 16
ENET4200z/99 4 x 1/2.5/10G 12G  RPF 24 port DPU  24
ENET4820z/99 4 x 10G

8 x 1/2.5G

20G  20G 24-48 port DPU 48
ENET4840Z/99 8 x 1/2.5/10G 40G 40G 24-48 port DPU 48
Micro-MSAN FP Model SerDes Throughput@256B Applications G.999.1
ENET4845Z/99 16 x 1/2.5/10G  40G  Chassis 256

Download the ENET4820ZXP/99 DPU SoC Product Brief