ENET3850Z/99 DPU Flow Processor


ENET3850Z/99 is a flow processor for G.fast solutions, supporting Carrier Ethernet switch, BBF WT-301, G.999.1 channelized Ethernet, and EFM bonding. ENET3850Z/99 is implemented on Xilinx’s Zynq 7015 and integrates dual-core ARM Cortex-9 CPUs and programmable logic.
ENET3850Z/99 is specially optimized for the FTTdp G.fast market, supporting 16 modems.


  • Flexible interface support that can be customized to any port/interface configuration
  • Family of G.fast solutions from 6Gbps with 2.5G N/I
  • External buffering
  • Integrated powerful dual-core ARM Cortex 9 CPU
  • Enhanced flexibility, configurability, and programmability, including field upgradability
  • Carrier Ethernet switching
  • EFM bonding to support up to 2 groups
  • MEF-compliant advanced traffic manager, including support for flow policing and shaping per virtual port/G.fast modem
  • QoS including WFQ, WRR, WRED and Strict Priority
  • Supports 8/16 G.fast modems
  • Programmable protocol interworking
  • Extended buffer space through DDR3
  • RPF: less than 3W at 5Gbps (ideal for reverse power feeding)



  • 24 virtual ports
  • External 32-bit DDR3-SDRAM 800MHz interface
  • 4 x 1/2.5G SGMII network interfaces
  • Interface options:
    -1 channelized Ethernet interface
    -16 virtual ports per G.999.1 IF
    -2 x 2.5G – G.999.1
    -Optional 4 x 3.5G G.999.1