Network Co-Processors

Many network appliances provide high-bandwidth connectivity to external content and distributed services. The ENET programmable Flow Processor provides integrated networking capabilities that are specifically designed for new network requirements.

Solutions such as VPN-GW, SD-WAN, and IoT HUB are enabled by the ENET4205Z-Sec and ENET4810Z-Sec flow processors that improve security functionality by IPSec tunnel co-processing, and ENET4840Z-OAM that improves SLA by special OAM/BFD acceleration. This inline solution with standard Switch/Router packet processor is implemented with a basic ASIC solution.

Co-Processors Description
 ENET4205ZSec Configurable flow processor with 5Gbps IPSec and firewall, ideal for SD-WAN, IoT, and other applications requiring inline security functionality
 ENET4810ZSec Configurable flow processor with 10Gbps IPSec and firewall, ideal for SecGW and other applications requiring crypto co-processing
 ENET4840ZOAM  Configurable flow processor with 40Gbps OAM/BFD offload, ideal for SLA Prob functionality