ENET4205Z-Sec Security Co-Processor


ENET4205Z-Sec is a configurable flow processor, targeted for use in a network appliance in such areas as SD-WAN, IoT, and many other applications to co-process the IPSec functionality inline. Ethernity’s patented programmable flow processor is ideal as a hardware acceleration platform for managing and offloading encryption of VNFs at the edge of the network to provide secured services to customer premises, mobile BBU, and RRH. With up to 5Gbps IPSec, ENET4205Z-Sec offers deterministic performance for communication service providers.


  • Flexible interface support that can be customized to any port/interface configuration
  • Integrated powerful dual-core ARM Cortex 9 CPU
  • 5 Gbps IPSec and firewall
  • Programmable protocol interworking


  • 4 x SGMII/QSGMII/10BASE-R I/O network interfaces
  • External 32-bit DDR3-SDRAM 533MHz interface
  • IPSec tunneling crypto algorithms: