Switch-Router SoCs

Ethernity features various series of FPGA-based ENET flow processors to meet your product’s needs. Whether for Enterprise, Carrier, or Mobile customers, Ethernity’s patented architecture is the ideal solution to provide agility, performance, and efficiency to today’s Ethernet-based infrastructure.

Ethernity’s switch-router SoCs combine the best aspects of programmable logic with interface customization, packet processing, and traffic management on a single FPGA chip. With full MEF and Broadband support, hierarchical QoS, and the ability to adapt to multiple markets, this product line delivers optimized product differentiation, maximum flexibility, field upgrade, and low power consumption.

FP Model SerDes Throughput @256B Applications
ENET3850Z 4 x 1/2.5G 6G DPU, Switch, uCPE, MEC
ENET4200Z 4 x 1/2.5/10G 12G DPU, Switch, EPC, uW-GW, uCPE, MEC
ENET4840Z 8/16 x 1/2.5/10G 40G DPU, Switch, EPC
ENET5100Z 24 x 10G
8 x 10G + 2 x 25G
10 x 10G +2 x 40G
10 x 10G + 1 x 100G
Up to 100G Switch, EPC, MEC

Download ENET Switch Router FP Product Brief


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