XGS-PON ultra-fast broadband technology works in 10/10G symmetrical mode, opening new opportunities for operators to monetize their networks.

Ethernity’s ENET 4820ZXP/99 flow processor is specially optimized for G.fast solutions, supporting between 8 and 24 modems through 10G G.999.1 channelized Ethernet and featuring an integrated XGS-PON MAC or Ethernet P2P MAC, Carrier Ethernet switch, BBF WT-301, and EFM bonding. The flow processor is implemented on an FPGA SoC with integrated dual-core ARM CPU and programmable logic. The ENET Flow Processor also offers an additional 10G port that enables DPU cascading to support a total of up to 48 G.fast modems.

The technology is based on an extremely efficient architecture, resulting in 80% die size reduction, and can be integrated into a low-cost FPGA that is competitive with ASIC solutions. The ENET 4820ZXP/99 DPU SoC is also designed for reverse power feeding (RPF), and it offers the lowest power solution for 10G uplink with in-house XGS-PON MAC, further optimizing the overall solution cost.

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