Carrier Ethernet VPNs

Evolved from the most common internet protocol (Ethernet), Carrier-grade Ethernet VPN services support a wide range of applications more easily, efficiently, and cost-effectively than other network services, and continue to provide the benefits of simplicity and flexibility that are unmatched for changing subscriber needs.

Ethernity’s ENET SoCs, SmartNICs, Network Appliances and related software enable Carrier Ethernet equipment vendors and service providers to offer enterprise customers the cost benefits of Ethernet with predictable QoS characteristics per customer. Service providers can easily mix and re-arrange E-Line and E-LAN VPN services according to their customers’ needs.

Carrier Ethernet is Ethernity Networks’ core technology, and all Ethernity ENET products comply with MEF CE.2 requirements.

ENET Flow Processors are implemented on low-cost FPGAs and combine the best aspects of programmable logic with interface customization, packet processing, and traffic management on a single FPGA chip. This combination is designed to deliver optimized product differentiation, maximum flexibility, field upgradability, and low power consumption.

ENET3850Z and ENET4200Z switch-router SoCs target carrier grade Ethernet access equipment, ENET4840Z and ENET5100Z switch-router SoCs target carrier grade Ethernet aggregation, ENET3850Z and ENET4840Z OAM SLA – demarcation units equipment.

Ethernity’s ACE-NIC SmartNICs offers variable Carrier Ethernet interface configurations and the programmable FPGA-based ENET Flow Processor in a single standard adapter card, providing flexibility and deterministic performance for service providers and low-cost, low-power solutions for system integrators. Moreover, multiple programmable FPGA ACE-NIC cards can be incorporated within a single server to achieve a high throughput Carrier Ethernet switch that migrates all virtual network functions to the FPGA-accelerated hardware.

Ethernity’s Carrier Ethernet Switch-Router (CESR) software suite is supplied with ACE-NICs and ENET SoCs for our OEM and system integrator customers, to remove the barriers to market entry, reduce the effort for telecom and enterprise vendors, and accelerate time-to-market for network core and edge applications, including Broadband Gateway (BNG/BRAS), Cell Site Router (CSR), wireless and broadband access, and other Carrier Ethernet appliances.