Aggregation Devices

Recently, the Central Office (CO) at the Telco network edge, which serves as the aggregation point for traffic to and from end users, has been transitioned into the Cloud as a necessary response to the demand for agility, scalability, and lower costs. But software solutions alone fail to provide reliable and SLA-compliant connectivity at aggregation points.

Ethernity offers a high performance switch-router solution for a virtual CO (vCO), running on FPGA, based on its ENET Flow processors. Our solution fits well ODMs designing their aggregation platforms with a complete fast to market system. It can also come as a white box for system integrators, or may be implemented using our FPGA-based ACE-NIC family of Smart NICs and standard COTS servers in a data center.

We offer a complete turnkey solution by providing both the Carrier Ethernet switch router (CESR) FPGA-based data plane and the management software applications that run on top.

The ENET platform supports a set of Carrier Ethernet networking features such as L2/L3/L4 switching, NAT/PAT, EFM bonding, programmable L2 to L5 classification, header processing supporting any type of protocol header, and comprehensive traffic management. The traffic management function includes MEF policing, hierarchical QoS, hierarchical shaping and scheduling and traffic shaping per port/logical port/priority.