Cell Site Router

Ethernity Networks’ ENET Cell Site Router (ECSR) solution provides a high-performance data plane ideal for cell sites that need to support today’s 3G/4G networks and emerging 5G networks. Delivering 5G Quality of Experience (QoE) and spectrum efficiency requires high bandwidth, low latency, dense connectivity, and precision timing from the radio access network (RAN). The exceptional performance of the ECSR delivers these capabilities in a fully programmable data plane, which also allows quick adaptation of interface speeds from 10G to 25G, as per the most recent telecom requirements.

Unlike fixed-function data plane solutions, the fully programmable ENET solution adapts to unique service provider requirements and evolves with changing application requirements. This flexibility will be essential as innovative business models emerge around 5G deployments. The ECSR’s unique combination of performance and flexibility is enabled by Ethernity Network’s patented ENET Flow Processor technology, which extracts exceptional performance from merchant FPGA silicon at price points competitive with proprietary network processor ASSPs.