Radio Access Modem

Software-defined radio and high-speed backhaul connectivity with mmWave technologies and multiple input multiple output (MIMO) techniques enables operators to offer enhanced coverage, capacity, and data rates. Multiband radios provide full flexibility in network deployment, reducing mobile site space requirements and lowering total cost of ownership (TCO). However, this requires new technologies over air and high speed connectivity to the land network with L2/L3/MPLS connections.

Ethernity’s ENET SoC offers a unique packet switch-router solution for carrier-grade scalable 10G/25G/40G/100G mesh wireless backbone.

With the best-in-class ENET Flow Processors, mounted on low-cost FPGAs, mobile operators can benefit from a multichannel pipeline with various channel speeds that can be mapped to radio.

An efficient IPSec overlay enables our customers to present secure high-speed options. Moreover, Ethernity offers software-defined networking with both control and data plane provisioning.

With EFM bonding to utilize bandwidth, fragmentation, compression, extended QoS, and both L2 and L3 multicast, Ethernity offers ideal features paired with a rich software suite, such that vendors can supply a complete radio access solution.